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Spirits of Sussex

A ghost in a haunted woods

Sussex U3A Network (SUN) are working on a special Shared Learning Project during 2018 exploring Sussex ‘s rich tapestry of legends, mixing history with myth. The term ‘spirits’ can be widely interpreted and could include spiritual beliefs, ghostly spectres and brandy smuggling.

The project will culminate in a large, celebratory event in Brighton in mid 2019.

We wanted to encourage more interaction between the 40 U3As within the Sussex Network and to provide interest groups with a theme for research during 2018. We’ve had an enthusastic response so far – Ideas put forward include knucker dragons, the Hawkhurst gang, bonfire societies, Geranium Jane, Bevis of Hampton, the Sussex martyrs, pucks and pharisees (an old Sussex name for fairies).

We want lots more members to join in and get creative!