Psychology today

An abstract painting of a man and woman holding each others faces

Lots of us are interested in how the mind works.  If that’s you then the following topics illustrating aspects of psychology may be of interest to you.

‘The Mercy’ is a film based on the true story of Donald Crowhurst who, with little experience, entered The Sunday Times round-the-world yacht race in 1969.  The winner that year was Robin Knox-Johnson but Donald Crowhurst disappeared somewhere, it’s believed in the southern Atlantic.  The mystery remains but the film looks like it will be an interesting insight of what happened to one man’s mind while out on the oceans alone.  It is in cinemas 9th February.  A second, but low budget film, entitled ‘Crowhurst’ has been made but no distribution date has been set.

Jordan Peterson’s ’12 Rules for Life’ was published on 16 January 2018.  The book is a mixture of philosophy and psychology, just as life is!  Essentially this renowned clinical psychologist argues by way of 12 practical principles how to live a meaningful life.  As I get older certainly searching for meaning is something I think about more often so I will be reading it.  Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd ISBN: 9780241351635

Professor David Canter is a well-known criminologist but he was scammed into parting with £18000.  Speaking on Radio 4 recently he said that we all think that a scam will be obvious and we will spot it but unfortunately this is not the case.  To find out more read his story by following the link below.

Jane Bellworthy – Subject Adviser Psychology