The joy of reading a play

A participating in a play reading

Members join play reading groups mainly due to their love of the theatre, the joy of the spoken word and their desire to enlarge their knowledge of plays and playwrights.

Play reading is a participative activity without the pressures of performing on stage with the attendant issues of costume, scenery, music and makeup. Members do not have to learn or rehearse lines, merely read from a script whilst sitting comfortably and in so doing so, provides them with an opportunity for self-expression, characterisation, imagination and interpretation (not always what the playwright intended!)

Plays tell stories which enchant us all from early childhood. Play reading is a shared social experience and enjoyable for that. The characters are also fun to bring to life. In addition, plays often have strong life themes which we reflect upon together and individually. We get a chance to widen our cultural education as we often read classic authors.

You can bring plays to life in a way you can’t with novels. We also experience the live suspense of the story, wondering what is going to happen. It’s all good stuff really!

People without access to live theatre who live perhaps in remote parts may find joining a play reading group an opportunity to experience a wide variety of plays with fellow members.

Play reading is a mixed gender interactive social activity and is suitable for a domestic setting in member’s homes. It promotes a shared interest, encouraging friendship and enabling members to learn from each other in a non-threatening environment.

For more information about play reading, recommended play lists and lots of current information please go to the Play Reading page.