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Stress-busting crafts

Royal wedding puppets created by a U3A arts group

What does ‘craft’ mean to you?  Personally I love making ‘things’ – whether it is recycling plastic bottles, cutting them up into bangles to be covered with fabric or paint and using the top part to cover seedings.  Or knitting, doing mixed media on a canvas, card making and die cutting.  And felting, my latest passion.  Just a few crafts and I know from your e-mails and comments on our facebook group (Craft u3a) that there are many other types.  I like setting aside ‘me’ time and find that crafting helps with destressing – unless my make has a mind of its own and misbehaves!  When we are making an item, baking a cake, taking a photo, we have to concentrate on that activity and, while we will always have our worries, they are put to one side for a while.

Crafting really embodies the u3a idea of ‘the teacher learns and the learner teaches’

I love making boxes – why not give this a try?  Go onto youtube and type in the search bar ‘simple gift box tutorial’.  I used the one by ‘DaveHax’.  Use any card you have and print out one of your own photos or leave the card blank, then follow Dave’s step by step guide.  In doing this you have used your photography skills; your computer skills; maths; and your gluing skills!  What’s not to love about crafting?

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