Keeping it current

A woman reading a newspaper with a man smiling in the foreground

Our routine in Harrow for a class is this, we have a roster for the term and I roster various people from the class who would like to chair it during the term so that there is a change of personality in charge every week. This in itself brings a breath of fresh air to every class as they vary slightly, and depending how many people we have on the roster as to how many occasions they each take it in a term….usually it is about twice. My top tips are:

  1. Establish a Group Leader initially to give it direction.
  2. Advise local libraries of its availability and where it will be held.
  3. If possible hold the class in an area that offers parking and any other amenity.
  4. Hand out leaflets giving details of the class and what it is about and who is the group leader.
  5. Advise other organizations of its availability and where your branch of U3A is and the contact.
  6. A neutral venue for the class is helpful and desirable if at all possible.

All the people that chair our meetings seem to have adopted the same method and it works.

The most common topics of the day at the moment are;

  • NHS
  • Lack of finance in Public Services.
  • Police and the lack of them and response priorities.
  • Brexit and lack of feedback.
  • Lack of responsible good governance.
  • Crime on the streets.

May I suggest the following areas for getting your topics for Current Affairs are;

  • Local or national newspapers.
  • Watch the news channels on TV including Question Time on BBC1 at approx 1030pm on a Thursday.
  • If you have a computer go to BBC News, Sky News, & Newspapers on-line.
  • If you feel you would like to raise a burning issue which you know the response will be good.

Current Affairs is one of the most popular and preferred classes, it seems everybody has an opinion on world events and also on how the country should be run!  Of course it is so nice of them to share their opinions with others. This class can be quite amusing sometimes and never dull. It is surprising how we older generation can come up with some enlightened ideas and wonder why the government are so slow in coming up with solutions rather than creating further problem areas.

You can contact Bill via his page on the national website.