Appreciating art

A lady in a wheelchair, along with another lady admiring the art in a gallery

I fell into the grand sounding post of Art Appreciation Adviser with many misgivings and by default after my predecessor was no longer able to do it. I belonged to an Art Appreciation Study Group under her guidance for 16 years and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I felt it was time to give something back. I enjoy producing the quarterly Newsletter, messing about with graphics, but very importantly, it keeps me on my toes, looking out for ideas all the time, and I’m still learning.

I get emails from groups just about to start up and from some who are running out of steam and need a little encouragement. What’s fascinating (and quite rightly so) is the variety of approaches by different groups. Some are happy to meet monthly, view a DVD and discuss it. Some arrange visits and social occasions. Others are very dynamic and have presentations to which neighbouring U3As are invited. Each is just great in its own way. My motto is Have fun! and I hope all study groups accomplish this.

I try to emphasise the importance of individual members playing a part, possibly by doing some background research and presenting it to the group, hopefully to inspire others to learn in true U3A style. This is not always possible as people may be just too shy, but sometimes they blossom unexpectedly and find great confidence and pleasure in doing so. That’s how I started out all those years ago, and look where it got me!

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