From Photograph to Painting: Inspired by Hokusai

One of the great Japanese wood-block printers was named Hokusai. He worked in the ukiyo-e genre in 18th/19th centuries and is best remembered for his picture – “The Great Wave off Kanagaw”, used innumerable times over many years. The picture was the first in a series of pictures entitled ‘Thirty Six views of Mount Fuji’.

It was this series that inspired me to create my own series of pictures on Totnes Castle – a prominent local Devon landmark. Like Mount Fuji, the castle is visible from many viewpoints making it ideal for my purpose. As with Hokusai’s pictures, I was able to use a wide variety of foregrounds bringing interest to the pictures.

My work is produced on my computer using various digital techniques to create pictures with the appearance of paintings, sometimes with effects that are only possible working with this technology. The resulting pictures are printed on substantial watercolour paper using archival inks that will last many years. I have been fortunate in selling a number of my pictures.

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