Opening Doors to Health and Wellbeing

Being a part of the Canterbury and District U3A Research Group has opened up new and interesting opportunities. As a U3A member I am now part of the Opening Doors to Research Group, CHSS ( Centre for Health Services Studies ) at the University of Kent where there are opportunities to become involved in health initiatives and research across a wide spectrum.

I have become a PPI (Patient & Public Involvement) representative in the project ‘Developing Undergraduate Curriculum Resources on Health & Work in Medical Education’.

The aim of this research is to ensure doctors are confident in discussing health and work issues with patients, the importance of work to a person’s wellbeing, how work can ultimately improve health, and to recognise when patients are ready for work.

The aim is for this curriculum to be embedded in the Outcomes for Graduates.

It’s early stages yet but this will be a vital component in improving and identifying the ways medical professionals can support and relate to the health and wellbeing of people returning to work

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