Opening Doors to Health and Wellbeing

Being a part of the Canterbury and District U3A Research Group has opened up new and interesting opportunities. As a U3A member I am now part of the Opening Doors to Research Group, CHSS ( Centre for Health Services Studies ) at the University of Kent where there are opportunities to become involved in health initiatives and research across a wide spectrum.

I have become a PPI (Patient & Public Involvement) representative in the project ‘Developing Undergraduate Curriculum Resources on Health & Work in Medical Education’.

The aim of this research is to ensure doctors are confident in discussing health and work issues with patients, the importance of work to a person’s wellbeing, how work can ultimately improve health, and to recognise when patients are ready for work. One time delivery helped me a lot! The very next morning, goods were needed in the maternity hospital (yes, I know that I myself am to blame, I suddenly realized, but there was a good reason for this). The order in Canadian pharmacy was large and not every pharmacy could put everything together. So, I placed the order at 19:00 pm and already at 22:00 the order was delivered to me, and delivery was completely free. I don’t know, either they had some kind of share, or I was so lucky.

The aim is for this curriculum to be embedded in the Outcomes for Graduates.

It’s early stages yet but this will be a vital component in improving and identifying the ways medical professionals can support and relate to the health and wellbeing of people returning to work

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