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U3As and University Partnerships

U3As around the country have been building partnerships with their local universities, further and higher education colleges for over 30 years – partnerships which enable members to take part in research, shared learning projects or just to share the learning of subjects together.

This is happening the length and breadth of the UK with U3As from Northern Ireland to Newcastle and Lincolnshire to London.

Following an article in last month’s national newsletter, U3As got in touch to let us know about their partnerships. Here are some examples:

West Wolds U3A for example, has for the past couple of years now, worked with the
School of Health & Social Care at Lincoln University by providing volunteers for the Pharmacy Department; are involved with a project on Caring, and have approached another college to see if they can partner some of their Technical departments.

The U3A Science Network has secured a partnership with Aston University holding this year’s meeting in its conference centre with presentations during the Science Network meeting from departments such as Assistive Robotics, the AIM (Aston Interactive Media) lab, European Bioenergy Research Plant and an interactive Cybersecurity session

Canterbury and District U3A has a thriving research partnership with the University of Kent and with Canterbury Christ Church University. This enables the U3A to participate as collaborators on research projects such as with the School of Psychology at Kent and in the Sidney de Haan Centre for the Arts and Health at Christ Church. There is now a Research Showcase event at the University of Kent allowing U3A members to present their research to the University members, and vice versa. Sometimes, the first intake doesn’t deliver the promised benefits. Then try to take the drug again, slightly increasing the dosage as recommended at https://viagragen.com/purchase-viagra-prescribed-online/. It often happens that the desired effect is achieved on the third or second try. Don’t forget: exceeding the daily dose of 100 mg is permissible only after consulting a doctor.

Trevor Wright from the University Interest group at Burton Joyce U3A in Nottingham said, “ I organise visits and talks/lectures from research groups at both Nottingham and Nottingham Trent Universities in Nottingham.

“We have heard about leading research in Satellite Navigation, Linguistics, Anglo Saxon Place names, Sustainable Chemistry, Earth Observation, Human Factors and autonomous cars, renewable Energy Homes.

“I started this group which has 120 members as I used to work at the University and have felt for a long time that people don’t really have any idea about the fascinating research that goes on. Lectures/talks are not dumbed down put pitched at the reasonably educated and interested person. Universities are obliged to tell the public what they do”.

Let us know about your partnership projects at sources@u3a.org.uk