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Thoughts from a discussion group leader

My brother and his wife belonged to Norwich U3A and I thought it sounded interesting, now that I had retired. I looked up the local U3A in Epsom and found that they had a philosophy group. Having had a brief chat on the phone with the Group Leader, I was invited to join.

My wife and I then relocated to near Cheltenham and joined the North Cotswolds U3A to enjoy the Walking and History Groups. During one of the walks the topic of someone starting a Discussion Group arose and I offered to organise one. This offer was immediately snapped up. It was promoted within the U3A and soon we had enough people to get started.

We talk about a wide range of topics, sometimes chosen by me, sometimes by other members of the group. After all, it is not my group, but our group. Is immigration good or bad? Is justice just? Euthanasia, sexism and the effect of UK colonialism, to name just a few!

I have a sense of fulfilment from being a Group Leader, and I like to see the pleasure and enjoyment the members gain from our group. We all learn something. The organisation side is easy. I have a mailing list and once a month, a week before the meeting, I send out a briefing note. Oh, and I do provide the tea and coffee.

To anyone thinking of becoming a group leader, I would definitely recommend it. It doesn’t have to be scary or time-consuming. Have a go! If it doesn’t work out you have gained the experience and everyone else has lost nothing.

(Featured image:  Beeston U3A Science group)