Padel Tennis

Have you heard of Padel Tennis? Well in April this year, the Padel Tennis group was started in Guernsey U3A.

Padel Tennis is generally recognised as the fastest growing sport in the world, and only played in doubles. Enrique Corcuera invented the game in Acapulco, Mexico in 1969. It is highly popular in Argentina, Mexico and Spain, and is now spreading rapidly across Europe and other continents.

The game is played both outdoors and indoors on an area approximately half the size of a tennis court, which is surrounded by glass and meshed panel, and as in tennis the court is divided by a network in two halves.

The balls are the same as tennis balls, and the racquets are between the size of a table tennis bat and a tennis racquet. They are unique in that they are covered in foam on both sides, with a plastic coating, and have large holes driven right through the surface. All services are underhand and the scoring is more or less the same as tennis.

Our group play on three courts (two inside and one outside) in the Guernsey Tennis Centre, meeting for two weekly one hour sessions on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

We are extremely grateful to the Guernsey Tennis Centre for providing us with the opportunity to play this new and exciting sport and use their extensive facilities, they are most welcoming and help out new U3A members with the hire of racquets initially.

Not only are we enjoying playing Padel, we are improving our skills and meeting new friends. There is a general consensus that participation is an excellent form of exercise. I know  that I am often wringing  with sweat at the end of a one hour session!

We are currently using mobile technology to ascertain weekly availability of members through WhatsApp. We will have a further opportunity to get to know one another better with a social meal out together in November in what has now become an annual Guernsey event the ‘Guernsey Tennerfest’, a festival of food where restaurants showcase their menus, usually at a reduced price.

The U3A movement’s logo is Learn, Laugh, Live: the Guernsey U3A Padel group certainly fulfil that criteria!

Useful Website Addresses for more Padel Tennis information:

  • Guernsey Padel Club –
  • LTA Padel –
  • Members have also found YouTube videos very helpful and informative, although we admit we are a long way off the skills and agility of those players featured!

We’d be really interested to know if there are any other U3A Padel Tennis groups out there?

If you are a member of one or if you are a member of any other unique groups, you can get in touch above.