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Isolated at home? Don’t waste time, pick up your bat and improve your table tennis, even without a table!!!

Yes, believe it or not, it is quite practical to practice at home without having a table: by executing what is known as ‘dummy’ strokes. However it is essential that you stand in front of a mirror in order to get your posture correctly placed.

For Forehand, Stand in Front of a Mirror and take up the ‘ready position‘. Feet apart. Left foot slightly forward. Swivel on your waistline to produce the forehand whilst dropping the racquet into position for the upwards brushing stoke of the imaginary incoming ball.

Click this video and follow Eli Baraty’s movements and then duplicate it facing said mirror so that you can see you are performing it correctly.

For the backhand the bat should start in Front of the Stomach and sweep upwards, again brushing the imaginary incoming ball. Again, click this video and follow Eli Baraty’s movements to obtain the best results.

Study the two instruction videos and repeat this exercise for at least five to ten times, recovering to this the READY POSITION.

Eli Baraty has also created a table tennis training video specifically for all those who are self-isolating at home during the present coronavirus crisis and unable to enjoy their favourite sport in the normal manner….DO IT NOW !

“May the TOPSPIN be with you!

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me: tony@shapps.com

Videos by courtesy of Eli Baraty Academy of Table Tennis