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Thank You!

In this new series we are saying thank you to our colleagues in the movement who have helped us to stay connected and learning in the last few months.

Southport u3a Chair, Neil McMillan, as well as Southport u3a member, Andrea, wanted to thank the Newsletter team Phil, Ian and Jim for delivering a daily, including weekends, newsletter and quiz over the last 4 months. They created more than 130 daily newsletters before now moving to weekly.

Ruthin and District u3a member Jean said of Committee members Rose and Dave, ‘they deserve special thanks for their work in keeping our u3a alive, with the multi-disciplinary Covid Chronicles, including Lockdown Larder Recipes, Corona Chronicles, Covid Creatures and Pandemic Poetry and Painting available – all contributed by Members, published online and now in print! They’ve also started a weekly Quiz on Zoom where laughter is a prime off-shoot and learning is the aim for many of us, as well as good company.”

Maggie from u3a in London said, ‘I would like to give a huge thank you to a team of people who have helped to give solace, camaraderie and extend a lifeline to all our members since the beginning of lockdown. Our Chair, Naomi has led by example writing in a newsletter that ‘we are family of friends who are spreading love, kindness and support to each other.’ Naomi, with the support of a team of helpers including Amalia, Gilli, Sue, Herbie and many others have worked hard to ensure that the u3a in London has kept the ‘family’ going.

The u3a in London family is thriving and so appreciative of everyone’s efforts. Thank you!”

Mary asked for a shout out to John, Art History and Appreciation Subject Co Ordinator, at Canterbury u3a. She said, ‘During lockdown from 24 March until 22 July he sent out to some 300+ members a painting and a poem with a resume of the artist and their life. It inspired, lifted spirits and educated. I looked forward everyday to the painting and poem landing in my Inbox.’

Thank you to everyone keeping u3a spirit going.

Do you want to thank someone? Email us at communications@u3a.org.uk