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A Guide to the New Branding

We recently launched a new brand at our September AGM – you can see more of our new look on our website and further clarification is in our new Brand Guidelines.

The new branded resources are available on the U3A Brand Centre where Trustees, Regional Support Team members, Regional networks and committees and local U3As can access the resources to use across their platforms.  This is a new venture so there are more materials coming on the site all the time – so keep checking in.

Now, more than any other time in our 40 year history, the U3A movement needs to raise our profile.  We need to attract a younger profile of members, to help stem any decline in membership, and of course to encourage the establishment of more U3As.

If all 1000+ U3As adopted the new logo in all marketing and publicity materials and events, the collective impact would be tremendous.

Although a U3A operates at a local level, with individuality and flexibility at the heart of what you offer, nevertheless you are part of the UK-wide movement. The image and efforts of local U3As are the public face of the whole movement. Equally, national efforts to raise the profile of U3A UK will stimulate interest for local development and response.

It is recommended that all U3As source their branded resources – printed, online, merchandise – from the central provider via the website. This will ensure consistency of quality, consistency of design, including layout and colour and customisation  control.

When interacting with internal and external audiences and individuals, using the brand images and logo will provide a consistent visual reference to the U3A movement. It is important to model and potentially influence internal audiences, in the use of branded materials.

Thank you so much for your continued commitment and support.

A Quick Guide to the Brand

  • We are not using University.  As soon as it is feasible for you, please remove all references to University of the Third Age.
  • We are still using yellow and Blue 😊 Our colours have been refreshed though and feel more modern and fun.
  • Our logo should be used in its simplest form as a single colour.  It can either be used alongside our strapline – learn laugh live – or on its own alongside your U3A name. 
  • For accessibility, the logo is best with strong contrast.  it has been created dark blue, white and black.  
  • Pre designed logo files with the correct spacing can be downloaded from the new brand centre. These should be used when commissioning production of local materials.
  • U3As can customise the logo using the logo generator available on the brand centre.
  • The DM Sans font is our official font for use in any text, such as in newsletters or PowerPoint presentations. The 3 and the A/a that appear in the logo have been specially created and the standard DM Sans 3 and A/a can be used when creating text. The DM Sans font can be downloaded from the Brand Centre – if you cannot use DM Sans, you can also use Arial which closely replicates the official font.  

If you have any questions please email us at communications@u3a.org.uk