International News: Danube Network Advent Calendar

The following is written by Viktoria Kurnosenko, Dep. Managing Director
of the Insitute for virtual and face-to-face learning in the area of adult education at Ulm University. She discussing the Digital Advent Calendar made by Danube Networkers and friends from the Danube Region and Europe

Christmas time is a special time, a time we usually spend with family and friends. Due to the corona crisis it is not possible for many of us to celebrate Christmas the way we did before. That is why the Danube Networkers and friends have created a digital advent calendar.

Digital Advent Calendar

Click on the number of the day starting from the 1st of December. Behind every little box there is a unique Christmas-themed contribution from a country in Europe with warm greetings, to brighten your day. There are many Christmas contributions and traditions to discover, under the motto “United in Diversity”. We wish you a lot of fun getting to know different cultures and traditions every day! Visit the website every day till the 25th of December to discover a new unique contribution!

Find our Advent calendar here:

About “Danube Networkers”

The informal educational network “Danube-Networkers”, was founded in 2008 and today involves around 100 civil society institutions from the fields of education, culture, social affairs and environment as well as numerous universities and schools. They are engaged in common projects on learning in later life, societal participation and intergenerational dialogue beyond borders. The office of the network is Institute ILEU from Ulm, Germany (

Since May 2020 ILEU and Danube-Networkers have been organising open online Sessions ”Come Together in the time of Corona by culture”, where participants from all over Europe share music, songs and their cultural treasures with each other to give a sign of friendship in the difficult times of crisis. To see the sessions: We are looking for new friends and contributions, if you interested to join or present a song, poem or a cultural treasure please reach out to ILEU through