International News: An Update on Pen Friends Scheme

Like all good series, The Golden Age of Penfriends has entered its second season with the very same characters that found a way into the homes of European counterparts a few months ago.

They have been joined by some new ones who are now looking for a penfriend too.

The International Committee is delighted to report that more than 30 British and French penfriends have been paired over the past few months, mostly using Skype and Zoom on top of email to communicate.

We hear it has been a way to compare experiences, to express hope or vent frustration, whenever possible in a foreign language, in the midst of a really difficult time for all.

If you are interested in joining in, please get in touch. We will do our utmost to pair you with someone who might be far away, but who is basically going through the very same strange times as we all are in the UK.

Whether you live in the Midlands, near Frankfurt or in the Loire Valley, it is good to talk!

Contact us at