Preparing to recruit new members

u3as have been sharing ideas with each other and coming up with resources to help the movement retain and recruit members during this time and beyond. This series hosts the new resources (toolkit) for u3a members to use when needed. 

How to checklist: Preparing to recruit new members


This checklist is intended for use by your committee and any sub-committee or team that you set up to recruit new members.

The purpose of the checklist is to suggest how you can prepare to recruit new members and to help you look at your u3a through the eyes of a potential new member. You may not have everything in place when you start recruiting, but hopefully, the checklist will help you decide which things are most important for your u3a.

Your experiences of using the checklist are of vital importance. Please email your suggestions for improvement to

The Checklist

  1. Have we got our recruitment team ready? It could be a dedicated team; it could be most of your membership. Are there good links between the team and our Committee?
  2. Have we got a budget to invest in recruitment materials? Can we produce/purchase marketing materials eg a pop-up banner, Facebook adverts, eBay adverts, leaflets, posters etc. Do we know what’s available for free from the u3a Brand Centre?
  3. Is everyone in our u3a on board and involved? Does everyone appreciate why we need to recruit new members and that everyone in the u3a has a part to play? See the How to guide: developing a shared recruitment project with your members in the toolkit.
  4. Do we have an attractive offer (e.g. a variety of interest groups which are active face to face or on line, on line monthly meetings, newsletters, bulletins etc.)? Are all our interest groups open to new members? Do we have activities available at different times to attract potential members who may be semi-retired or have child-minding responsibilities? If there is a request for a new group, are we able to respond and support the new group?
  5. Is our website giving the right messages (not only on the welcome page but on all our website pages) and does it have current information?
  6. Do we have a way of recognising and responding to enquiries and enrolling new members quickly? Do we have a way of enrolling a new member on line, by post, face to face or all three? See the How to guide: Enrolling and welcoming new members online in the toolkit.
  7. Do we have a process to welcome a new member and involve them in your u3a? Have we got a new member welcome pack? Do we have regular new member meetings? Are our interest groups ready to welcome new members to their group?
  8. Have we got ways to monitor and evaluate success? This is a pilot project and we are all in unfamiliar and unprecedented circumstances. For your own benefit and for the benefit of other u3as it will be helpful to identify which recruitment actions are most effective, and for that matter those that are not very effective.

A downloadable version of this resource is available on our website.

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