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Update on the High Street Project

High Street Project, Spring 2021

Firstly a warm welcome those who have joined the project in 2021:

Michael from Caerphilly (croeso Michael!)
Jane from Sudbury
Jennifer from Leigh On Sea
David from Estuary
Lawrence from Bromley
Audrey from Harrow
Carol from Northwood
Linda from Stockton-on-Tees u3a
Tessa from Berwick-Upon-Tweed u3a
Eileen from Stewartry u3a
Carole from Hastings & Rother u3a
Clive from Canterbury & District u3a
Lindsay from Tunbridge Wells u3a
Aura from Salisbury & District u3a
Carol from Westbury & District u3a

We hope you are can locate the information you need, and that you will get back in touch with us if you need help or advice.

Workshops for your local High Street projects

A series of workshops were held between January and March to get people started and thinking in practical terms about local projects they could undertake, using the High Street theme. Workshops guiding members through the process of making guided walks have continued, focusing on practical skills needed to re-purpose these valuable resources for mobile devices. Resources can be found here. You are welcome to book a workshop for your local group on this and other local study topics.

The new High Street website

We have succeeded in choosing the website system that will make the materials you submit to us accessible and searchable. We will be working steadily at this task over the next 12 months, but in the meantime we would like to extend an invitation to you to become involved.

The system we have acquired will allow u3as to manage their own designated web pages, which could be seen as a productive local project in itself. You and your u3a contacts might want to have some training so you can add more content to your own area’s website. There will be more details on this opportunity in the next few months.

We are thinking of an overall title for the new website. So far ‘The Changing world of the High Street’ looks favourite. What do you think? Please do send in your suggestions to u3ashp@gmail.com

Surveys and follow-up surveys

Your feedback and our own analyses have led us to radically reconsider the survey methods we have used so far. For any member wanting to do a new survey there will be just three fields of data, plus a photo. Watch the High Street website for updates and the new survey forms!

For members who did a survey in September 2020, the follow-up survey in September 2021 will be simpler and will focus on what has closed down and what has opened up. We propose to do that by direct email with each person rather than by using a form.

If you would like to try out and comment on the new survey methods we are developing, please contact u3ahsp@gmail.com

And lastly: High Street Survey makes a great group activity or project. Why not try one?