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The first u3a to use Beacon

Beacon, the membership management for u3as created and run by u3a members, is about to reach the milestone of 500 u3as using it. To celebrate, we are counting up with articles celebrating Beacon – beginning with an interview with Jean of Aylsham & District u3a who were the first to use Beacon.

Why did your u3a join beacon?

We thought it would be a good idea to use the u3a system instead of trying to find something else. It covered both the membership, and groups and finance. We were a new u3a so didn’t have any data to go over – so were the first to go live.

What are the benefits of using Beacon?

Being able to keep track of the group. Best of all being able to use the email system. We have a 26 page newsletter and I email that in one fast sweep to over 300 members. It’s GDPR compliant too as no one can see the email addresses.

What has your personal involvement with Beacon been?

I’m the administrator. I was on the Beacon team as a supporter at one point too.

What do you think of there now being 500 u3as on Beacon?

I think it’s brilliant. It’s been built by u3a members for u3as. Why wouldn’t you want to use it? It covers everything you need to cover your u3a.

What would you say to u3as thinking about joining Beacon?

Why would you not want a complete system on one database. It’s all in Beacon. You can pull off membership stats – it produces membership cards complete with a bar code which we then scan in our monthly meeting – and you can email the committee or members straight away. I think it’s brilliant.

Read more about Beacon 500 on our website.

If your u3a is not currently using Beacon – find out more.