Developing u3a’s International Connections

Flags from lots of different countries against a bright blue sky

At a time when the interconnectivity of the world is becoming so much harder to ignore, continuing opportunities to form and build educational and other links between active groups within the third age would be good to encourage.

The Development Committee of the Third Age Trust now has responsibility for international links. The Trust has recently rejoined the European Federation of Older Students and we are interested in hearing from any members who may:

– have experience of living or working abroad and who have retained their interest in sustaining cross border links;
– are genuinely interested in exploring the opportunities for learning with and amongst older students in other countries;
– already have established international links within their u3a.

Members of the Development Committee would like to host an open, Zoom based meeting to discuss our international links and how these could be developed. We believe that there may be opportunities to do this through, for example, language based threads of activity, culture based interests, or twinning arrangements. Of course, there may be many others. We are sure that there is a great deal happening in u3as that others would be interested in hearing about.

The meeting is planned for 11am on 16th May. Please contact Jean Hogg, Chair of the u3a Development Committee, to register your interest or share your experiences –