The Third Age Trust Digital Strategy

To support our development of a broad long term strategy for the u3a movement we kicked off an initiative at the beginning of 2022 to develop a ‘Digital Strategy’. Phase 1 of this Digital Strategy initiative has been running as three workstreams supported by volunteers and staff. The three ‘Workstreams’ are creating a foundation of information to underpin this strategic thinking. The first considers what the Trust office might need, the second what all the u3as would like from a ‘digital future’; and the third looked at what other organisations similar to ours have done in developing their own digital strategies.

In Phase 1, Workstream 1 has held interviews and workshops with Staff members to assess how things work now and how they could be improved. Workstream 2 has conducted a survey to all u3a and has received over 500 responses (if you responded – a big thanks to you and your u3a). This was quite a wide ranging survey to ensure that the full range of a u3a’s activities was considered. Workstream 3 has analysed various organisations relevant to us and then assessed lessons to be learned through discussions and interviews, and by reviewing their documentation.

We are now collating the results from the three Workstreams and shaping the next phase. It is not a quick job, but by summer we’ll publish an update on where we’ve got to.