Why Not Try Mindfulness?

A woman standing in front of a house

Our #GenerationWOW campaign with Specsavers shines the light on u3a members and the skills they have to share. In one of the latest videos, u3a Subject Adviser for Meditation and Mindfulness Nancy talks you through 10 minutes of mindfulness. Watch it on the Specsavers hub, and read about how Nancy first discovered the practice and why she thinks it is beneficial.

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

Hello, Nancy here.

I have done it; wished time to pass so I could be on holiday, wanted to be doing or be somewhere else, wanted to study when I knew I had to be with the children, couldn’t wait for retirement! All sorts of things.

Well guess what, this moment is the only time we have and being aware and really present to what we are doing can make us more content!

I live in Oundle and have so enjoyed what u3a offers and have been a member for about 10 years. I started my mindfulness & meditation through yoga practice and still need the regular discipline. I was inspired at a weekend retreat with Satish Kumar to have the confidence to do something – no matter how small to help others. I came home and volunteered as the Mindfulness & Meditation subject adviser for u3a.  I love now would like to spread the word to others. It really helps both mentally and physically. Give it a try and always happy to help if I can.

Your awareness is a gift for you and your life will NOT pass you by.

Contact Nancy for advice on Mindfulness and Meditation through her Subject Advice page.