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Settle u3a Learns About Slow Ways

A selfie of a man and behind him lots of people sitting down waiting for a talk

u3a members are gearing up to get involved with Slow Ways. It’s a national initiative to create a network of reasonably direct, safe and accessible walking routes between cities, towns and many villages. Slow Ways aims to encourage people to walk more, further, and for more purposes.

Slow Ways Technologist Darren Moore visited Settle u3a on 9 June. I gave a talk about the creation of Slow Ways to a very engaged audience and enjoyed meeting the members and hearing their experiences of walking. Slow Ways is a project to create a network of walking routes that connect all of Great Britain’s towns and cities as well as thousands of villages.

It was lovely to have such an enthusiastic audience and to discover the issues facing u3a members when they are out walking and using Slow Ways.

The members highlighted their frustrations with local public transport, concerns about protecting public rights of way for future generations and their joys of getting out and about in the local hills and ways.

All these issues are very close to the Slow Ways team’s heart and we’d love to work with these members and other groups to help out where we can on these important aspects of the outdoors that affect us all.

Slow Ways have 120,000km of routes to review across the UK. So far, u3a members have walked and reviewed 12 routes which adds up to 90km of walking. Get involved on the Slow Ways website.