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Visiting the u3a 40th Anniversary Woodland

A woman points over a stone fence to a field where there are tiny sapling trees

At the heart of lockdown, and with meeting up in person not possible, Matlock u3a found it hard to keep some momentum. The u3a trees project really caught our imagination. It seemed like something positive we could all do to ensure that the future would be brighter and more sustainable.

In May this year I decided to visit the Brecon Beacons and our trees. Clive from the u3a helped me exactly locate the fields allocated.

A man and a dog on a walk in the country

The car park was the starting point on a glorious day. It is also the start of a walk up the Sugar Loaf which we were hoping to achieve.

Young trees

The walk leads up through an area which appears to have been previously planted with young trees of mixed oak, birch, holly and hawthorne.

A  green field

When we finally reached the area designated as ‘it’, the only clue was a field full of canes. We were there.

A woman points over a stone fence to a field where there are tiny sapling treesThe area is walled off all round to stop the sheep eating the trees, but has a public footpath which runs around two sides of it

A sapling tree growing

Our trees are VERY tiny. I gave them a good talking to and told them to get on a grow. They seemed to understand. The plaques to identify each copse are not up yet so all the trees got a talking to …if you have contributed to the trees project you don’t need to worry now!! I’ve told them all what to do.

A high eye view of the landscape beyond the Brecon Beacons

From higher up you can get a clearer idea of the glorious position the trees have got.

A woman standing at the peak of the Sugar Loaf Hill

And so up to the summit to enjoy the magnificent panorama.

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Members can visit the u3a woodland in the Brecon Beacons by footpath. Please be aware that the woodland is in a remote location without access for restricted mobility and without facilities. At present the saplings are between 30cm-60 cm tall. To find out more, get in touch by emailing weare40@u3a.org.uk