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A birthday poem for Croydon u3a

20 June 2024

Croydon u3a member Janet has written a poem to celebrate the 37th birthday of Croydon u3a.

Two members of Croydon u3a playing Scrabble

Happy 37th Birthday Croydon u3a

Have you been to the cinema lately,
Perhaps to the David Lean?
And seen the advert for the u3a,
Up there on the Silver Screen.
We’ve been in Croydon for 37 years,
Why not come and see what we do,
There are so many things to choose from,
The choice is up to you.
The aim is we learn from each other,
Join those with the same interests,
Although we are senior students,
It’s lifelong learning without any tests.
There is a U3a Croydon in Melbourne,
If you research us online, take care.
Or you could find yourself taking lessons,
On rearing a Koala Bear.
Here in Croydon, you could start to learn Spanish,
Study Wildflowers and Garden Design,
Take up Writing or Singing for Pleasure,
And appreciate Fine Art and Wine,
Would you fancy a go at Line Dancing,
Armchair Yoga or maybe Tai Chi?
Or to Join with a group and go Walking,
Then you’ll soon be as fit as a flea!
You could answer the questions on Quiz Night
While at home in your own sitting-room,
Join discussions on Science and Climate,
With the aid of your laptop and zoom.

Maybe you like Scrabble and Board Games,
And need help with your Family Tree,
Take a train and go to Look at London?
With our travel pass, the fare is free.
Do you love Painting and Drawing,
Or does Architecture interest you?
Have you an idea for a new group?
There are so many things we could pursue.
But underlying it all there is friendship,
We not only laugh and learn but have fun.
So thankyou u3a and Happy Birthday,
You enrich the Third Age lives of everyone!

Written by Janet Stokes, Croydon u3a member

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