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Digital Photography Exhibition

Digital Photography Exhibition
22 March 2022

Our digital photography group recently displayed pictures at a week-long exhibition at Bridlington Spa.

Our group, which currently has 18 members, was started over ten years ago by two Peters, both of whom left in 2019. As I had lead an impromptu group over the summer of 2019 the group decided that they wanted me to become Group Leader. I accepted this on the basis that I received assistance, which I have had in spades from Lynne and Martin.

My other stipulation was that there should be a high degree of member input to proceedings and again The Group have responded. Our sessions are varied and importantly designed to cater for all levels so as not to leave beginners daunted or experienced members bored. Presentations on photo technique are followed by hands on with camera sessions, indoors if possible but also by outings to different venues. Presentations on editing techniques are also followed with members experimenting on their own laptops usually in small groups to share, assist and encourage each other, giving an element of social interaction.

Each week there is a set theme and members take images accordingly. Every four weeks there is a review with each member presenting their image and telling where when and how they took the original and explaining what edits they did to arrive at the final one. The audience contribute with comment but there is no hard critique. There is also an external ex-college Photography lecturer who does sessions giving soft critiques of members images and talks on photography in general at other times.

The previous exhibition in March 2019 was a success and so another one was booked, then along came Covid. Time passed and as the lockdowns and restrictions went on the initial email flurries between members dwindled. All our members have access to the other's emails so can communicate collectively or individually. When we reconvened it was seriously considered that we abandon the idea of exhibiting as our numbers were down from a number.

However, thankfully, the Group decided we would press on regardless and the result is that we produced 96 images for showing. Five categories were set, Portrait, Landscape, Nature, Abstract and Macro/close-up. And members were free to enter whatever they were comfortable with within the broad categories.

All images were submitted at 42cmx30.5cm and 300ppi either landscape or portrait oriented they could all be printed almost entirely from the same printer on matte photo paper and mounted in black 20"x16" frames with an A3 mount. This made printing, mounting and hanging simple. We actually hung 96 pictures.

Photo by Bridlington u3a member Marilyn.

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