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Basingstoke u3a run their first exhibition

  • 06 April 2023

Five people playing ukulele inside Madeline from Basingstoke-Old Basing u3a talks about how an exhibition led to 30 new members - and a new musical group.

We were very excited this spring when our local shopping centre offered us an empty shop for two weeks, for an exhibition of our artists. It was a large shop, so all our creative groups set to work together and brought together an incredible display.

We set out drawings, paintings, quilts, knitting, calligraphy work, poems and stories. Lots of people came to visit us, amazed at the range and quality of the work that our members are producing when they meet. We featured in our local papers as well, and were delighted to gain 30 new members.

We had so much fun that we’re already planning a summer display for our dance groups. And it looks as if the exhibition may have generated a u3a music group too. Some ukulele players came in to play one day, so we’re now busy trying to set up our own ukekele group as well. Plus our painters can’t wait to do it all over again.

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