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Living History Diary Part 1

Living History Diary Part 1
03 April 2020

U3A Members' contribution to the Living History Diary shared learning project of living through Covid 19, 16th March to 28th March.

Anonymous Edinburgh U3A member

March 28

Two days ago was my 70th birthday. There were greetings by card, phone and email, but the note of celebration today, in lock down, sounds like a cracked bell. In my case, there are particular difficulties; I live alone, am in a wheelchair with a progressive neurological condition and am increasingly dependent on carers.

Lock down has tended to level the playing field; before, with great expenditure of energy, I could still attend some groups but always as the disabled one. Now all friends have the same constraints as I do, and we try hard to stay in touch online.

The negatives are twofold. First: the supermarkets markets appeal palely for delivery slots to be left for the most vulnerable. For now I have ample, but it is worrying, the more so because we don’t know how long this stage will last. Second: I am deteriorating quite fast and am alarmed that many of the services that support me are being redeployed.

In the midst of all this, I had a very happy birthday, Skyped my daughter, talked at length to my son, and diverted myself by people-watching or counting the passengers on the passing buses (0-3).

My carer arrived at eight with a home-made cake, a card and a bag containing shopping - including four toilet rolls! The generosity and humanity touched me deeply. There are idiots out there, fighting over tinned tomatoes, but many are showing real compassion.

U3A Member, Jenifer

27 March

"The government is supposed to be looking into ways to prevent panic buying – I wish them luck with that! I suspect the only way is going to be rationing. I am just old enough to remember rationing after the war but it never really affected me as a child. Our needs are few these days and I would welcome some kind of control over what we buy. Apparently Africa has it now so that looks to be the end of our South African trip in June. Our granddaughters will be disappointed but perhaps we can do it next year instead. Or the year after."

U3A Member, Diane

26th March 2020

So Prince Charles has tested positive for the Coronavirus. He is unique, and I wish him well, but acknowledge the fact that he immediately qualified for a test has irritated those frontline NHS staff who put their lives on the line every day can't get a test. At least Prince Charles can work from home, and he won't have to apply for Universal Credit.

27th March 2020

Now Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have both tested positive for the Coronavirus. I believe Chris Whitty is also displaying symptoms. Is it only a matter of time before Donald Trump also is held in its iron grip? The figures everywhere are scary. There have been different ideas on how to deal with this virus. Time will tell which country had the right idea.

I Facetimed with a friend in Hertfordshire this morning, and she alerted me to Scrabble and Rummikub online. I tried desperately to escape into both of these, but to no avail. I will ask my grandson tomorrow to help me gain access to these – via the app – all so modern!

28th March 2020

This is the end of our third week of lockdown, because of my grand-daughter's chickenpox, and then my daughter's decision to self-isolate a week ahead of the herd.

Our lane is so pretty just now. The south-facing bank is smothered with primroses, daisies and buttercups, but as soon as the strimmers appear this beauty will disappear.

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