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Learning More About: Cycling with Subject Adviser, John

Learning More About: Cycling with Subject Adviser, John
21 October 2022

Subject Adviser John gives his tips for how members can get started in cycling within their u3a.

Subject advisers are u3a members who volunteer to share their expertise on their specialist subject and the movement can contact them for advice on their subject. In the National Newsletter each month, we focus on a particular Subject Adviser. This month, we’re talking to Subject Adviser for Cycling, John.

How did you get started with Cycling?

On retirement I took a number of cycle maintenance courses leading to becoming a qualified mechanic. After this I trained as a Bikeability instructor to give back some of my experiences and cycling skills. My local u3a was formed in 2017, I was on the Steering Group and started running the Cycling Interest Group from day 1.

What do you enjoy about your role?

The ability to offer support & encourage to others who are interested in setting up and running cycling groups within their u3a. Working with existing groups to enable them to grow and flourish.

How can u3a members get started with Cycling?

Check out their own u3a. If they don’t have a cycling group, talk to the Trustees and asking about the process of setting up a new group. Contact myself with any question, queries or for any guidance they would like about setting up a cycling group. If you don’t have a bike consider visiting local re-Cycling charities for relatively cheap bikes to get started.

What three things can u3a members gain from getting involved

1. Fun – Exploring & sharing new routes & roads around your area and enjoying good cafe breaks! 2. Friendship – Riding & chatting with like minded people 3. & Healthy activity – encouraging exercise through a relatively low impact activity. Building effort & distance if you wish improve your distance/terrain or explore further afield.

How do you help members and u3as to get started or progress their interest group?

Talking is the important thing with any group activity – encourage, reassure & support members who wish to setup & run a group. Cycling within a u3a is achievable with relatively little effort provided you follow a few basic steps & processes in setting up & running the group in your u3a.

Contact John on his Subject Advice page and on Subject Advisers more generally on the Subject Advice page.

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