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Line dancing Olton and District U3A

05 November 2020

We started our Line Dancing Group at Olton and District U3A shortly after our U3A was formed in 2016 by Sue Morse and myself. We now have over 40 members and, prior to lockdown in March, over 30 members attended on a weekly basis in our local church hall. We also welcome members from other local u3a's as there are no u3a classes nearby.

We held our first Zoom line dance meeting on Tuesday which was lead by Sue in her kitchen! Fifteen of our members joined and, after a few technical problems we were off to a great start. The 40 minutes flew by and members are now looking forward to next week's class as the feedback was very positive. Sue and I have also agreed that as the members get used to dancing on Zoom on their various devices, we will possibly have more classes, seeing as we are now locked down for a further month in the winter and we know that dancing is good for the mind and body.

I have attached a short report Sue has submitted after our Zoom class this week. I did try and take a screen shot of the class, although it was not very flattering to Sue so I have not included it. If you think this information would be suitable for publicity purposes and you would like a photograph then I will try next week and submit separately.

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