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Trustees Week: Dumfries U3A Chair

Trustees Week: Dumfries U3A Chair
02 November 2020

For National Trustees Week, Chair of Dumfries U3A, Jeremy Shearmur, talks about his role and what he enjoys about being a trustee.

To celebrate National Trustees Week, we're talking to trustees across the U3A movement - from those on their local committees to Regional Trustees. Today, we're talking to Jeremy Shearmur, who has been Chair of Dumfries U3A since 2016.

What’s your journey been to becoming a Chair?

My wife and I had returned to Scotland from Australia in 2016. We joined U3A in both the Stewartry (where we were initially living), and also in Dumfries (where we were going to live), as a way of making contacts. A friend asked if I would join the committee and subsequently – when the previous chairman’s term of office came to an end – take over as Chair.

What have you gained from your role?

I have got to know a wide range of people in Dumfries and beyond. I have also had to acquire knowledge about editing a weekly Newsletter, about Covid regulations, and finding out how Zoom works.

What do you hope to achieve in the role?

I would hope, to solve problems. I also hope to help our branch re-invent itself, so that it can operate successfully under changing conditions.

Do you have some words of encouragement to other members who might be considering getting involved with their committee?

U3A means a great deal to many of our members. It can offer many ways in which their lives can be enhanced, from encountering new ideas, to learning new skills, while also providing social interaction. This is really important. But it does not happen automatically. By becoming a trustee, one can help other people to develop their different skills, to assist others and also to have a lot of fun!

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