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Trustees Week: Sutton U3A Groups Coordinator

Trustees Week: Sutton U3A Groups Coordinator
04 November 2020

For National Trustees Week, we talk to Max Edward, Groups Coordinator for Sutton U3A about his experience being a committee member.

To celebrate National Trustees Week, we're talking to trustees across the U3A movement - from those on their local committees to Regional Trustees. Today, we're talking to Max Edward who has been Groups Coordinator of Sutton U3A since 2018.

What’s your journey been to becoming Groups Co-ordinator for Sutton U3A?

It was challenging and rewarding when setting up new groups and supporting the new leaders. However, as some of the group leaders have been there for number of years I am still getting to know them. ( Trying to link the faces to the familiar names)

Why did you decide to become a committee member?

After retiring I felt I had more time to spare and I felt I will be able to contribute more. I like the principles of U3A, and I felt I should be able to support my local U3A.

What does your role involve?

Contacting the leaders every two months to check if there any changes to their group. Pass on the information to communication secretary to update the newsletter. Assisting to set up new groups. Being a link person between the group leaders and the committee and to address the relevant issues. Attend and contribute to bi-monthly committee meetings

What have you gained from being a committee member?

Learning and sharing ideas and experiences from individuals from various backgrounds. Constantly learning about U3A and using relevant resources from the U3A website.

What do you hope to achieve in the role?

To support the individuals to achieve a fulfilling life for at their third age. Help to set up new exciting and interesting groups

What ways have you found to connect with other members of your committee as a trustee during social distancing? Give us some great tips.

Through emails, telephone calls and eventually encouraging members to join the Zoom meeting.

Do you have some words of encouragement to other members who might be considering becoming a committee member?

I appreciate the concept of U3A and it keeps going due to the commitment of selected members. So many members have already done this and when it's time for them to retire the new members need to step forward. So, if you enjoy what U3A has got to offer and if you have the time why not be part of it?

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