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Trustees Week: Trustee for Scotland

Trustees Week: Trustee for Scotland
05 November 2020

For National Trustees Week, Trustee for Scotland, Ann Keating talks about her role and what she enjoys about being a trustee.

To celebrate National Trustees Week, we're talking to trustees across the U3A movement - from those on their local committees to Regional Trustees. Today, we're talking to Ann Keating, who is Trustee for Scotland.

What’s your journey been to becoming a trustee?

My journey towards being a Trustee was quite quick.

When I retired from teaching, I joined Edinburgh U3A and found myself on the committee in the first year. I was a group coordinator and thoroughly enjoyed starting new groups e.g. art, tennis and wine tasting. Edinburgh u3a is a dynamic group full of ideas and the committee great fun to work with.

When the opportunity to become Scottish Trustee arose I thought that I would like to take on the challenge of working and promoting the U3A movement throughout Scotland.

Why did you decide to become a regional trustee?

I looked forward to travelling to parts of the country I had never been to before and before the Covid lock down I got to Arran, Aberdeenshire and the Borders. I also enjoyed the adventure of travelling on the Caledonian sleeper down to London to Board meetings.

What have you gained from being a trustee?

Probably the most enjoyable part of being a Trustee is getting to meet so many interesting people who are committed to the movement.

What’s something about your role that might surprise people?

One of the most surprising things I discovered about being a Trustee is the support and encouragement you receive for your ideas. It really is a grass roots movement. A Trustee has the ability to make things happen, which is stimulating and exciting.

What do you hope to achieve in the role?

I would love to see the membership of U3A grow and become much more diverse. I would also hope that we can develop more shared learning experiences with other organisations.

What ways have you found to connect as a trustee during social distancing? Give us some great tips.

Zoom has been the means of keeping in touch with committees and groups. After a day of Zooming I feel as if I have been out and about meeting people not just sitting at a desk in Edinburgh.

Do you have some words of encouragement to other members who might be considering becoming a trustee?

In conclusion I can honestly say that I have found my experience of being a trustee rich and rewarding. If you have the time, have the confidence to take the role on. There are lots of people there to help you along the way.

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