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Christmas Flower Arranging with Canvey Island u3a

13 December 2022
As a retired Floristry/Flower Arranging Tutor for many colleges in Essex, I enjoy sharing my flower arranging skills with members who have a love of plants and gardening in our u3a group that takes place once a month. Although members had no knowledge of flower arranging, it’s surprising what we all learn from each other as well as having fun with flowers.  We are very lucky to be able to have our large hall free from Kings Park Homes as part of their community work. We have about 12 members in our session. After discussing the design with members, I then send out details for the next month's designs as shown below. I construct my flower arrangement first, pointing out various elements to consider. Members then proceed to construct their own design, whilst I support each one separately.
Six Christmas wreaths
Christmas Swag 
(For the door or as a cemetery tribute)
1 Oasis Shovel (can be purchased at Garden centres on the floristry section)
1/3rd Oasis ready to fit the shovel 
Or you can use a large flat potato
Oasis tape
1 metre ribbon fixed on to a wire
Suggested foliage:-
Blue Spruce, Larch, Eucalyptus, Conifer 
(any long lasting foliage for outline)
OR Cut branches from the bottom of your Christmas tree
Filler foliage such as:-   Viburnum tinus, Yew, Euonymus and Holly with berries or Variegated foliage you may have
Nuts, cones, baubles gold, silver string etc.
This design looks attractive with just foliage and decoration but if you would like to add flowers, may I suggest:- 
1 bunch Spray Carnations for outline with 
5 Roses or 3 Carnations
Artificial flowers such as:-
Silk Poinsettias and Christmas Roses with glitter and a bit of sparkle look good with the fresh foliage.
  • Fix the wet oasis into the shovel and secure with tape
  • Start with the foliage placements to outline the shape of the design to determine its size.  Cut one piece of foliage to a length of approximately 30cm and another piece 10cm long, this will determine the overall length.
  • Insert the longest piece of foliage in the centre at the bottom end of the of the shovel, and the shorter piece at the top in front of the handle.
  • Insert two more pieces of foliage each side of the container but slight further down, this will create a diamond shape.
  • Now keeping to the diamond shape continue to fill in with your foliage and use a different texture of foliage mixed into the centre.
  • Then add your flowers or decorations and a bow at the bottom. 

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