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Why was Repton buried in Aylsham?

Why was Repton buried in Aylsham?
11 January 2018

Geraldine Lee of Aylsham & District U3A has embarked on a project to mark the bicentenary of the death of the great landscape designer Humphry Repton.

I read the U3A booklet, ‘Getting Involved in Research’ and I  puzzled over how to get started. Then at the National Conference last year I attended the seminar about Research and heard about producing a trifold leaflet.

When I found that Repton 200 events were being launched in Aylsham, I wanted to know why Humphry Repton was buried in Aylsham when he lived and died in Essex.  I Googled it to find out but although there was plenty of material about him there was not the answer to my question.

Thomas Medland01

So I went to the library and found a very detailed book written by a retired County archivist. I discovered that Humphry’s older sister lived in Aylsham. I wanted to find out more and spoke to Sheila Merriman who leads history walks around the town. My research journey had begun.

I realised that this information presented as a trifold would be a good example to help others get started on their own research.  Our Committee Publicity coordinator, Keith Hilton, helped create a leaflet and once copyright issues had been checked it was published.  I have been invited to the Repton 200 launch in Aylsham on March 23rd which I consider a great honour,

Why was Humphry Repton Buried in Aylsham? is available from Aylsham and District U3A.

Main Image: Gidea Hall, 1797, from an engraving made by Humphrey Repton. 

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