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Living life to the full

30 May 2024

Patricia from Thorpe Bay u3a talks about her adventurous approach to life, which saw her undertake a Tandem Parachute jump earlier this month.


Pat holding onto a zip wire in Singapore

Looking back on my life, I have always been adventurous and sporty. What changed my attitude to life, was my brush with Breast Cancer in 2014. Once you've been hit with something like that, it changes your attitude. No longer was I saving for a rainy day, but looking at my life on a daily basis. Anything could happen, so do it whilst you can.

I have zip-lined in various places around the world, including Singapore (pictured above), gone white water rafting down the Grand Canyon for my 70th birthday, sky dived indoors in Singapore, jumped from the Sky Tower in Auckland this year, and tried Tandemn Paragrliding in Capetown.

At my local u3a, I am a member of a London walking Group, a Sunday lunch group, a Bucket list group, and the Theatre group. I am having a fabulous time, living the dream.

For my 75th birthday, I chose to do a Tandem Parachute Jump from a plane at 12,000 feet.

I have outlived my own predictions, so I will keep going, being gung-ho and living life to the full.

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