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Meeting u3as in the East of England

01 December 2022

Barbara Cordina, Trustee for the East of England, talks about recent u3as in her region that she has visited

Canvey Thamesside u3a

I was invited to join members of Canvey Thamesside u3a at their meeting on 25th November and what a welcome I received from everyone!

When I arrived a gentleman was on hand to show me to my parking space and I was immediately offered coffee and biscuits. I had been told that their ‘special’ IT team would offer help with setting up my presentation, which they did indeed and all went well. The members joined in with my talk about the Third Age Trust and told me what they do in their u3a, which they all clearly enjoy.

The chair, Diane, and other committee members are very proactive with their plans and understand their membership well. They are looking for more members and to set up new groups. To this end they are planning a recruitment event in their community and will be putting out flyers in the library and everywhere else they can think of.

I enjoyed my visit to ‘The Island’ and plan most definitely to return, hopefully in the summer months when I can take a look at the coastline.

Dunmow u3a 

I arrived very late when I last visited Dunmow u3a, in September, which gave me little opportunity to speak to the members who had met at the above venue to celebrate 40 years of the u3a.I was tho very impressed by their celebration projects, this is clearly a very active u3a.

I was kindly invited to join them again on 30 November and this time I arrived in time to sit with them and hear their speaker talking about ‘Essex Scrubbers’ – a brilliant talk which evoked much laughter from the audience.

I spent some time with their ‘Events’ organizer who told me all about their December Christmas meeting, all tickets sold which is great. They also hold summer events locally and I shall try to join them again in the warmer weather.

My congratulations to chair, Mike, and Heather, newsletter editor, and the rest of the team for their very active and busy u3a. Keep up the good work and I shall see you again!

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