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Northumbria Region u3a Treasurers Network

  • 30 May 2023

Newcastle u3a member Catherine talks about the benefits of the Northumbria Treasurers Network.

This informal or peer support network began 5 years ago with 3 members but since then there are now 24 members.

Who can join? Treasurers in the region. However, we do have a treasurer from Sussex who joins us and we have had treasurers from other regions, too. We can all learn from each other. Should a member be thinking about becoming a treasurer, he or she can come along to the meetings, too. It could be that the network members can reassure the member about what the work entails.

What is discussed? Anything which the members want to discuss. This could be problems which have arisen, ideas or information they want to share with us.

Since treasurers are also Trustees, u3a matters are occasionally explored such as successions’ planning especially since it can be difficult to recruit a new treasurer!

Guest speakers have often introduced new ideas or inspired members.

Like other networks, the members have the same aims – to support their u3as locally, in the region and nationally.

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