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Sharing social media skills

27 June 2024

Jo-Ann from Islington u3a talks about how she first started volunteering with her u3a, leading on their social media platforms - with the invaluable help of Margaret from Croydon u3a. 

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I joined Islington u3a because of the walking group, which has been one of the best decisions of my life. Being new to London, I researched online and found Islington u3a - I therefore realised the importance of an effective online profile.

When the chair at the time and our walking group leader, Derek, was looking for someone to take over our Facebook page (which had been dormant for many years) I felt I should give something back and I agreed - and started in February 2021. Derek, put me in touch with Margaret from Croydon u3a, who was already making regular Facebook posts. She kindly agreed to a Zoom meeting. Margaret was full of enthusiasm. She was, and still is, a very supportive and positive person. Even though I have never met her in person, we have become friends.

On a personal level I had been a regular Facebook user for many years. A Facebook presence for an organisation is different. Margaret explained the differences, such as the advantages of having several administrators, how important that posts are to “like” or comment on and the difference between a page and a private “group page”.

Making Facebook posts on behalf of my u3a was initially intimidating, but I very quickly overcame that and enjoy the challenge to be creative and effective. Right from the start I have included contacts/links as part of the post. I initially used many copyright free photos, but today I have developed my photography and mainly use all my own photos. I have also introduced the use of hashtags Even though I work alone, I have developed “rules”, which includes posting twice a week. Although I’m a busy person, it’s been a surprisingly enjoyable and rewarding task and gratifying to develop the page and witness the growth and interest of Facebook users in the page.

Margaret is my keenest supporter, she regularly “likes” my posts and writes a comment. I’m very grateful to her ongoing support. It has been invaluable.

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