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Trustees Week 2022: Barnsley u3a Group and Development Officer, Indu

Trustees Week 2022: Barnsley u3a Group and Development Officer, Indu
10 November 2022

We're celebrating Trustees' Week 2022. Indu is Group and Development Officer for Barnsley u3a and talks about what role entails and why she decided to become a Trustee for her u3a.

 I joined Barnsley u3a six years ago . I wanted to share my positive experience with others who may be unaware of this special organisation. I am now the new Group and Development Officer . 

Where else can you learn to dance , play ukulele, flute, Tai chi, or painting? It is a no brainer. Learning is only one side of it. The social aspects are endless.
We always find an excuse to celebrate - a special anniversary or birthday and we have loads of them all through the year . Then there are gigs . The musical groups perform in residential homes and u3a events bringing joy to all. On the other hand we also share sad news in life. We are there for everyone.
After more than six years in u3a I felt I had to step up and do something more to contribute to it. The committee members encouraged me to be part of their team as they felt I would be an asset to it. So here I am - a Committee member.
The Group and Development Officer role is varied and shared with other committee members.
It includes
• Identifying potential new groups 
• Seeking out ideas for creation of new groups by New and existing members.
• Find a group leader .
• Publicise the group to determine interest 
• Find a suitable venue to run group 
• Work with other committee members to publicise  struggling groups in buzz by email or word of mouth .
• Work with Events officer to plan special events .
There are limitations to what you do . This can sometimes be disappointing . You can do all you want to describe and promote a group but the ultimate decision lies with the members interest and circumstances.
Personally I am in 15 groups. Some are every week, others fortnightly or once a month. I love all of them! I worked as a doctor in a very busy A/E department with very long and tiring shifts. "Time Management" was a priority to offer safe quality treatment to patients. I quickly learned the hard way how to " make time " to do things in life.
We have many Committee meetings which sometimes means missing a group or two .
If you are dedicated to teach a skill and have time to spare, become a committee member. It enables you to voice your opinion. If this makes a difference to one person and you played a role in that, it would be worth it.
In the past few months our membership has increased and at least three new groups have taken off and doing well . We must be doing something right !  

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