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Unveiling real life mysteries

04 April 2024

As increasing numbers of people become interested in true crime, Stella from Orpington u3a decided to set up a u3a group for other members fascinated by the subject.

 A typewriter with the words true crime

 The True Crime genre is more popular than ever with not just books but documentaries and podcasts. It's a subject I enjoy and I am an avid reader, so I thought I would see whether there was appetite to start such a group at Orpington u3a. I already lead a crime fiction book discussion group with 12 members.

The Orpington u3a True Crime Book Discussion Group was launched in October 2023 and is now up and running with seven regular members. Each meeting discusses one book, which we choose collectively.

At meetings I always have a few discussion points of interesting or unusual issues about the book to hand but usually the discussion is so lively that the time is easily filled. We often go off topic and talk about true crime drama recently on television or actual crimes currently in the media.

Some may think it ghoulish but many books are written or co written by people close to the deceased who want the story of what happened made known to the wider public. This is the case with No Ordinary Day about the murder of police woman Yvonne Fletcher written by a police officer who worked with Yvonne - the book is eye opening about the politics in both the UK and Libya; The Submarine Murder about the murder of journalist Kim Wall by the man she was interviewing and written by her parents; and Murder on the Malta Express, by the sons of the murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia who was exposing corruption at a high level.

u3a groups are small communities in which members can discuss specific topics of interest with like minded people and it's nice being part of such a community on a subject which interests me and the other participants.


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