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Your Favourite Radio Stations

23 January 2024

In our u3a Friends newsletter, we asked u3a members what radio stations they liked to listen to. We received a huge response. BBC Radio 4 was the most popular radio station and many members had anectdotes about their connection to radio, which we have collated here.

A man turning up the volume of the radio in his car

John, Hucknall & District u3a

I listen to internet radio especially Texas Blues Radio which is my particular bag as the hippies would’ve said. There’s lots of different types of stations on the wonderful web, just surf away & have fun trying them out.

Liselle and Hugh, Sherborne u3a

We discovered Boom radio during lockdown and have enjoyed listening ever since. We hear songs we haven’t heard in years and yet can sing along with all the lyrics! It’s like reliving our youth and we like listening to the new songs too. The DJs are so knowledgeable and have amusing anecdotes to tell.

Patricia, Cardiff u3a

I usually listen to my local radio which is BBC Radio Wales for news and weather updates. I also enjoy the Wyn Evans show and Jason Mohammed phone in.

I also listen to Radio 2 Jeremy Vine and Radio 4 on the weekend, early Saturday evening and Sunday morning service.

John, Barnsley u3a

Radio has always played a large part in my life, from the time I made my own shortwave crystal set when I was a small boy, listening to Radio Caroline, when all the wonderful music came on the scene in my youth and I now enjoy, from time to time, listening to plays while undertaking other tasks in our home.

Just because I am, thankfully, getting on through the years, does not mean I should have to sit around doing nothing all day. Radio, in my view, is an asset in my life.

At this moment in time, I listen to Classic F.M. when behind the wheel, Boom radio while working with the computer, and Saturday morning my wife and I enjoy listening to Tony Blackburn on Radio 2.

Singing becomes part of the radio programme process, as we remember our youth, while Tony plays the 60’s music we still love to hear.

Barbara, Kings Heath and Moseley u3a

I listen to a variety of radio stations—. Smooth radio in the car and when I do the vacuuming! Boom radio and Greatest hits radio on Saturday mornings, Radio 4 to a variety of interesting topics, especially You and Yours, Gardeners Question Time, and news programmes, Radio Two occasionally. So I have a good choice to listen to over the week!

Deirdre, Bristol u3a 

I listen mainly to Radio 4 which keeps me informed of current affairs and has such a broad range of wonderful programmes such as the Life Scientific, Crossing Continents, Woman’s Hour, A Good Read, the Food Programme, Desert Island Discs to name a few and a range of interesting plays.

I sometimes switch to Radio 3 or Classic FM if I’m not keen on a programme on Radio 4, such as some of the very unfunny comedies.

 Marilyn, Hucknall & District u3a

I listen to bbc radio nottingham. It broadcasts national and local news and local sports news. There is also a variety of music and some fun quizzes. Local travel news was very useful when I was driving to work and currently if I am planning journeys. As a resident of nottinghamshire I find it very useful, and entertaining.

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